Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ten minutes to learn WebSphere Liberty Profile Server

Liberty for Java™ applications on Bluemix are powered by the IBM WebSphere Liberty Buildpack. The Liberty profile is a highly composable, fast-to-start, dynamic application server runtime environment. It is part of IBM WebSphere Application Server v8.5.5.

If you are a newbie for the WAS Liberty Profile Server,you can watch the below  video to learn about it.
You can learn the its feature from below screenshot.

The whole installation is very simple. Open the Eclipse,Click  Help > Eclipse MarketPlace,in the search bar enter  liberty and click search,then click install button.

After installation and restart the eclipse,you can find it appear at below screenshot.
You can create liberty server through server-->Server Run time Environment,add WebSphere Liberty Profile to install runtime environment.
There are two ways to install
1. Visit  wasdev.net site,download Liberty 的installation files,Liberty installation size is less 50M,unzip your installation package to one specified path,then point to the specified path as your  run time enviorment path.
2. Follow  above screenshot Download or install link,you need to online download a liberty server environment
When you finish the configuration,you should see the liberty server in the below screenshot.

Double Click the Server Configuration,You can see the server.xml.It is the core part of the liberty.All your configuration is through this file.

<server description="new server"> 
    <!-- Enable features --> 

    <httpEndpoint id="defaultHttpEndpoint"
                  httpsPort="9443" /> 


You can also use GUI to config this file.

The default config only support jsp feature,you can add more features to support.

Application Deployment

Open your liberty installation folder <Liberty_Install_dir>\usr\servers\server_name,you can see below structure.The application configuration files will  be default put under apps folder.Also you can directly put the war files into the dropins folder,when start the liberty server,it will scan these two folder and automatic start the application from these two folders.

If you want to learn more detail info about how to develop the application on was liberty,I suggest you to read WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Guide for developers

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