Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Import the data in SQLDatabase on BlueMix

BlueMix provide lots of database solution.But some of them don;t provide directly import data feature,so you have to find some solution for that.But for SQLData base ,IBM provide a very good console for you to maintain the data on the Cloud.

1.First you need to create SQL Database service on the BlueMix.

2.Clcik the Launch like to start the SQL Database Console 
3.After Login,if you have existed csv sheet,I suggest you can use import feature to create table and import data.
4.Upload your csv file choose the comma as the Separator character 

5.Click the load button to upload your csv.,and also  we need to choose "create a new table and load" Option

6.Create the table name and name the column name for this table.
7.Click the finish button to complete the loading.

8.You can aslo check this table in the "Work with Database Objects" option.

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