Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to monitor your bluemix application through Monitoring and Analytics

IBM Bluemix Monitoring and Analytics identifies the root cause of application problems with code-level diagnostics. When deployed, analytics help you use production log files to keep tabs on performance.

How to use it ?It is very simple ,you can check out the below link.

You can see some data from the page.Here I list my two projects use monitor service,you can see some performance data on that.

 Now I need to look at mydbtest application data.Notes: if you find performance monitoring tab has below warning,you need to push the application agian

just like below command to push your application

So you can see all kinds of monitoring information when you open this service console

You can see the application status such as available and unavailable

You can check JVM usage and GC etc information.
The most powerful feature Log Analysis,you can check the log and find your application detail issue.

If you are interested it,you can have a try.If your application have some issues ,you can also use this feature to diagnose your application.

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