Sunday, August 3, 2014

IBM Cloud self-test questions

Today I just passed company internal CAMSS activity.It include some questions about cloud,social,mobile,big data,security,analyse six area.Since I am more interested in the Cloud part,So I post cloud part questions,if you can test your cloud knowledge here.It is totally seven questions.

What is IBM's prescriptive approach for architecting cloud solutions?

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 A.  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
 B.  Client-Server Architecture
 C.  Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA)
 D.  ITIL Architecture

Systems of Engagement incorporate technologies that encourage peer interactions and often leverage cloud technologies. Two technologies that encourage peer interactions are:

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 A.  Databases and message systems.
 B.  Mobile and social.
 C.  ERP and CRM applications.
 D.  None of the above.

When designing a cloud solution, some technical details that should be considered are:

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 A.  Level of virtualization.
 B.  Public, private, or hybrid solution.
 C.  Computer storage and networking requirements.
 D.  All of the above.
In addition to compute, storage, and networking, what other capabilities are important elements of IaaS?

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 A.  Automation and management (example would be SmartCloud Orchestrator)
 B.  Web application servers and databases (example would be WebSphere and DB2)
 C.  Application Development and Management tools (example would be BlueMix)
 D.  Analytics (example would be Cognos)

BlueMix enables developers to rapidly build, deploy, and manage cloud applications, while tapping a growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks. BlueMix is based on which open standards?

Select an answer A
 A.  Cloud Foundry
 B.  Open Stack
 C.  Open Group
Which of the following is the first question you should explore with a client?
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 A.  What platforms are in your data center (x, p, z)?
 B.  What business needs are you trying to solve?
 C.  What level of virtualization do you have in your data center?
 D.  Do you need a public or private cloud solution?

Cloud is evolving from being IT-centric to being value-centric. Which three key architectural elements best support this value-centric viewpoint?
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 A.  Software Defined Enviroment, Cloud Operating Environment, API Economy
 B.  Virtualization, Optimization, Infrastructure Management
 C.  Multi-Tenancy, Multi-Site Topography, Auto-Scaling
 D.  Open Cloud Standards, Management APIs, Rapid Deployment Options

I don;t directly provide my answer here.You can comment the answer if you are interested in .


  1. Hello. This test looks very interesting. Could you share your answers on email?

  2. Hi , I want to know the answers. Can you reply me with answers

  3. C. Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA)
    B. Mobile and social.
    D. All of the above.
    A. Automation and management (example would be SmartCloud Orchestrator)
    A. Cloud Foundry
    B. What business needs are you trying to solve?
    A. Software Defined Enviroment, Cloud Operating Environment, API Economy

  4. can you please publish all the other subjects questions and answers for knowledge?

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