Thursday, August 28, 2014

Play fisherman game on BlueMix

I think most of people played a game named fishermen on Andriod or IOS device.I think we can do a html version on BlueMix.I have deployed it on the,you can play it online.

Actually it is a very simple html js project ,I think you can do it yourself.

1.First download the game source code,you can get it from
2.Unzip the code to your disk for example c:\finsherman
3.use cf command to deploy the code.Use cf command to login.

C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN>cf login
API endpoint:


 4.Since the site is static sites,we will use nginx-buildpack to deploy our application.

C:\fishman>cf push -b

After deployed,you can launch the to play this game.Just enjoy it!

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