Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to make your application more security on BlueMix

Sometimes people want to make sure their application has no security issue on the cloud.Is there any service support that? The answer is yes,IBM provide a AppScan Dynamic Analyzer service which help you to scan your application on BlueMix and give you scan report,so you can change your code based on the suggestion they provide.

1.for your existing created liberty java project on the BlueMix,you only need to add this service into it.You can find this service through security category.
2.Double click the appscan dynamic analyzer service .add this service to your application.
 3.After created this service for the specified application,you can double click this service.

4.Add your bluemix application url as the scan site.
5.After scan 5-10 minutes,you can see the report has generated.You can download the action part pdf to see the detail action and sugestion.

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