Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Use RapidApps to create your mobile protype on BlueMix

Recently I noticed that on BlueMix it provide a very cool feature RapidApp.With RapidApps, business developers can design applications for web browsers, tablets, or mobile devices through a graphical user interface. You never have to work with any code or scripts to create a professional application.

Today I will show a simple demo for that.
1.First you need to create a RapidApps service for that leave Apps unbound.
2.After created service you can double click this service it will open the RapidApps console,it might take a while to finish the loading.
3.Enter the console,choose your user and organization,you can begin to create your apps.In the demo I created a application name 'Where is my car?" and input the description about my app.
  4.After created your apps you can see the project dashboard ,you can do some operation on this app
5.Click the data plus link to create a Locations object and add the below attributes for this object.

6.Create your app screen,in our demo we need to create two screen one is called Main Menu and another is called Saved Location menu,
7.Drag a Text object onto the screen and change the text to describe your application. Double-click the text to edit it,also add two button save location and list location on the screen,
8.create another screen Saved Locations.When user click the main screen button save button,it will jump to the saved Locations screen.
9.Drag a form control on the saved locations with data object "location".
In order to automatically to assign the value for the driver ,you need to select Driver control and set the Driver Property to USER_ID.This value is when you login into BlueMix you user id.

9.Now, we can activate the button on the main menu. Select the Main Menu screen. Right-click the Save Location button and select Properties.Set “On click, navigate to” to Save Location

10.To test any screen, you can preview it. On the right-hand side, there is an eyeball icon – click on it
To see a preview of your screen.Notice in the Mobile Browser Simulator menu, you can add multiple devices to see what your application will look like on various form factors.

You can choose andrio or ios device to simulate your apps.
So through this demo you might have a good understanding how easy to use rapidapps to design your app prototype.

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