Monday, August 4, 2014

How BlueMix integrated with JazzHub?

There are some new video about BlueMix released on the YouTube.You can learn key aspects of IBM BlueMix strategic technologies.
Rachel Reinitz, Distinguished Engineer and CTO for IBM Bluemix Garage, has three new videos about Bluemix:
BlueMix can full use of Jazz hub feature to manage and deploy your code . I made node.js project as sample .

1.First create node.js project from BlueMix
2.After create the project,you can see a add git button.
3.When click the add git button,it will let you input your jazzhub IBM id.

4.It will prompt you to create git Repository.
5.You will see the Success info.
6.You can see the application page,the page has already integrated with GIT.
7.Click the code button,you can enter the project code edit mode.
8.You can use configure button to change the deploy parameter for the BlueMix.

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