Thursday, September 4, 2014

Advanced Features for the Applications in Bluemix

Today I listen to a session about "Advanced Features for the Applications in Bluemix" from product team,some new features are added on the BlueMix.I will share some new features here.

RMU(Runtime Management Utility )
The below scenario I think most developer will meet on BlueMix.
As the application operator,  I hope to generate dump files for running application in bluemix.
As the application operator, I hope to update the logger level dynamically to the running application in bluemix.

The RMU will provide the above feature to easy for you to debug the issue on the BlueMix.Let us see how it work.

a)Suppose you use  "Liberty for Java" to create a Java application.When you click the Liberty for java,you can see the instance details.

b)You can choose "trace" or "dump" feature.

c.You can set the log level for the trace.

d0Also you can create dump file and download it.

Auto Scaling 

Auto-Scaling, as indicated by the name, helps you to manage your application capacity automatically on target environment.You can see below artichure,

Heap memory

Trigger (Threshold, statistic window)
minimum instance number
maxmum instance number
Scaling adjustment
Scaling adjustment type(percentage or number)

Let;s see how it work on the BlueMix.

You can bind this add-on to your application.
2.Click the DashBoard on the BlueMix.You can see which application used sceal add on.
3.Click the edit button,you can change the default policy for this application.You can define the rules to increase the instance based on the real needs.

4.You can also check the metric like CPU,memory used for this application.It will better help you to make the decision for the auto-scale.


  1. These are really good article. Last one I see was posted in 2015, are you planning to publish more?


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