Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prepare the local development environment for BlueMix

If you want to prepare local development env for BlueMix,the below things you must need to know.

1.Download node.js from
2.Install Nodeclipse CLI and Express
3.Install the client: Enide Studio 2014
It is enough for Node.js, JavaScript and Java development
Install in RSA4WS using update site:

4.Install Git

5.Clone a Git repository in Enide Studio /RSA
a)Browse to your project page on DevOps Services.
b)Copy the Git URL from the right side of your project page.

As example – the git repository from Rainer

My git repository  (forked from Rainers)
6)Connecting to your DevOps Services Project with EGit
In Eclipse, select File > Import.
In the Import window, select Git > Projects from Git and click Next.
Select Clone URI and click Next.
Paste the copied Git URL in the URI field.
Enter your User ID and IBM ID password in the Authentication section.
Click Next.
Select the branches that you want to work on and click Next.
Update the Local Destination of the cloned repository if needed and click Next.
Click Next and then Finish.
you can  use “connect” to more git repositories

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