Thursday, May 29, 2014

How do I learn BlueMix

I have wroten my blog for sometime.Today I will conclude my leaning way on BlueMix.If you are a newbie you can draw lesson from me.The below are my steps to learn BlueMix.

1.First you need to understand Paas concept before you started BlueMix.I strongly recommand you to read "Programming for PaaS" book.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or part of a large enterprise development team, this book shows you how PaaS can help you focus on innovative applications, rather than spend your time worrying about technical operations.
  • Track the cloud’s evolution from IaaS and DevOps to PaaS
  • Learn how PaaS combines the simplicity of shared web hosting with the control of dedicated hosting
  • Explore the benefits of both portable and non-portable PaaS options
  • Apply best practices for moving legacy apps to PaaS—and understand the challenges involved
  • Write new applications for PaaS from scratch with RESTful meta-services
  • Use PaaS to build mobile apps with backend services that scale
  • Examine the core services that each major provider currently offers
  • Learn the situations in which PaaS might not be advantageous
2.Register an account in,now it is in beta status free to use by now.You can follow the offical document(lots of sample) to push your application to the BlueMix.You can try thee way to deploy it on the BlueMix.There are lots of opensource you might need to learn.I post some of links for your reference.




Bluemix link -->

PHP Tutorial

Python Tutorial


Ruby on Rails

Bluemix link -->


Node JS


3.Practitioners should start with a quick grasp of CloudFounry.Esp for command line tools,most of your application you have to use command line tools to do that.
Cloudfoundry introduction from Pivotal -
Cloudfoundry github repo -
Cloudfoundry developer's mailing list on Google Groups -!forum/vcap-dev

4.Try to develop or create your application on BlueMix.Like create a blog,rss site,phpAdmin etc.If you want to deploy othere language like php,perl you might need to use Buildpacks.
Buildpacks provide framework and runtime support for your applications. Buildpacks typically examine user-provided artifacts to determine what dependencies to download and how to configure applications to communicate with bound services.

5.If you have questions about BlueMix usage ,you can visit the Bluemix forum
This forum is hosted by IBM.You can ask questions and get experienced IBM staff support.

If you are an IBM staff,you can subscibe the email list in below address.


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