Monday, May 19, 2014

Three ways to deploy your applications on BlueMix

If you are a newbie,you might not be clearly all three ways to deploy your applications on BlueMix. Today I will talk about these three tools a little bit.
Developers have the freedom to choose the development tools that work best for them. Developers don’t always want to work with the same tool sets and BlueMix provides several options, including the following:

Command line: The Cloud Foundry (CF) command line provides integration for developers that prefer coding without an integrated development environment (IDE). This is also helpful for developing automation scripts with BlueMix. The CF application programming interfaces (APIs) can be integrated with multiple languages, frameworks and services.

BlueMix for Eclipse Kepler Beta: Since Eclipse is widely used by developers, they can continue to use the tools with which they are comfortable.This plug-in expose some of the unique features of the Liberty buildpack such as deploying a Liberty packaged server. In addition, support for deploying node.js applications allows you to target your JavaScript project, and then deploy and run your server side JavaScript application in the Cloud.

IDS(IBM DevOps Services): The cloud-based software development service(the former name is jazz hub) is based on IBM's software development tool Rational Team Concert.Developers can work with the IDS using web IDE to edit the code online and  provide  automatically deployment to BlueMix . It also provide integration to several source control management (SCM) systems like Git, GitHub and Jazz SCM.

I will blog  three tools details in the next few days.

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